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Hey everyone this is the Body FX team! We are a group of fitness experts dedicated to helping people experience the transformational power of personal fitness. We know fitness is different for everyone and that everyone’s needs are unique. That’s why we are opening access to our ENTIRE training library so anyone, no matter their needs, can access the transformative results they want! Although our library is massively VALUABLE – we didn’t stop there. We knew working out alone wouldn’t work. That’s why our all-access membership also includes an active online support group where members get the help, insight, and accountability needed to get and stay fit. We also send our members DAILY, PERSONAL COACHING EMAILS packed with insider tips, insights, and ideas for shaping your mindset – other sites don’t offer this! Together, we’ll see how Body FX is fun and actually works!
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To make the most of your fitness journey we also provide hands-on nutritional help through our Clean Cuisine cooking videos. With them, anyone, even inexperienced cooks, can amplify their biodynamic growth with tasty meals that are easy to cook! Now anyone, no matter their experience, can transform their body into the fittest shape possible!

Discover The Fitness Formula For Every Body Type

Get Into the Best Shape Ever—No Matter Your Experience

Fitness is unique from person to person. To meet this biodiverse spectrum of needs we provide all-access membership to our entire library of tailored trainings. That way anyone, no matter their experience, can find the fitness formula they need to get into their best shape ever! Enjoy over 100+ hours of dance training, the ‘No-Excuse’ hormone hacking HIIT program, the invigorating JNL, and many more!

We also make finding the right fitness formula for everybody as easy as possible with daily coaching, active online support from other members, nutrition counseling, and monthly challenges!


“Body FX gave me my figure back! For the past 4 years I used to suck my stomach in all the time and NOW I don’t need to do that anymore. For the first time I’m confident wearing a bikini and tight dresses and I feel fabulous! My favorite product is the Chocolate Shake; it’s so rich and velvety. It tastes like a cake and has all the right nutrients.”


The Body FX Fitness Formula

Unlock access to the transformative results of biodynamic training and hands-on help and FINALLY see the positive visual changes your body is capable of. Anyone, no matter their experience, can spark transformation using our curated catalogue of fitness solutions. We’ve also built in back end support through daily emails, monthly challenges, and group coaching so anyone, no matter the shape they are in currently, can get and stay fit—all year long!

Hands on help like this normally costs $100’s of dollars a month—and that’s before you add in the FREE nutritional counseling, access to hundreds of tailored trainings designed by actual industry experts, a support group, and daily email coaching!

As a ‘Thank You’ for checking this out we are going to give you everything—the trainings, the daily coaching emails, the monthly challenges, our Clean Cuisine cooking videos, and more-ABSOLUTELY FREE for 30-days! Simply sign up below and get insider access for 30 days for free.

The 3-Pillars Of Fitness

Build Transformational Results With The Three Pillars Of Fitness.

Pillar 1:


The first pillar of our three part system is all about finding the fitness formula right for you. Start that journey with unlimited access to every single course we’ve created! From dance, to HIIT, to single minute sessions, everyone can find the fit for their fitness. Now anyone, no matter their time, energy, or experience, can find training to get their fittest body possible! Unlock the path to personal fitness with the training style you need. Get started today!

Pillar 2:


The second pillar of this system focuses on providing ongoing mindset and nutritional support so you don’t just get fit, but stay fit—physically, nutritionally, and mentally. This helps you mentally transition training and healthy eating from ‘chore’ to ‘lifestyle’ with daily emails filled with powerful, interesting, and actionable tips, insights, and hacks to prime the mind and catapult results physically, nutritionally, and mentally.

Imagine having a trainer or coach send personally written emails, every day, that inspire you to train (even when you don’t feel like it), to eat healthy (and ACTUALLY enjoy it), and offer recovery tips to feel better and faster—and more!

Pillar 3:


The third pillar of the system integrates engagement and challenges to cement commitment to getting your fittest body possible. Membership includes access to a private and engaged online group. Here you’ll grow your commitment through accountability, answers to difficult questions, and support when needed. To grow your commitment we include new challenges every month to help push you to the next level, win awesome swag, trips, and even cash! Commit your body to fit growth, no matter its shape and FINALLY experience transformational results fit to your fitness!

Why Membership Matters

Get Professional Hands-On Help

Professional help isn’t cheap. Finding an experienced trainer to tailor workouts specific to your body’s needs, provide daily coaching, and give detailed nutritional suggestions would cost hundreds of dollars a month! That’s why people love Body FX! They get daily coaching, answers to their burning questions, and personalized nutritional coaching at a fraction of the cost! Whether you are a beginner looking for help getting started the right way, or a seasoned pro looking to take it to the next level—we can help! The best part? You can try it absolutely FREE for 30 days!

Get CommitTed With Community

The Body FX community is active! Every day hundreds of people have conversations about their fitness, how their bodies are transforming, and what they want to do next! Imagine being part of a group where the biggest complaint someone has is that they ONLY lost eight pounds that month! Become a person that LOVES fitness and discover the support necessary to get your body into its fittest shape possible, FREE for 30-days!

What’s Included In The Body FX Membership

100+ Hours Of Coaching And Workout Sessions

Introducing every single session and system we’ve created! This includes over 100+ hours of trainings that range from dance, cardio, lifting, fusion fitness, the 6-minute hormone hacking formula, ab workouts, oneminute workouts, and much, much more! Discover the fitness formula to transform your body into its fittest shape yet—even with no existing experience, starting out of shape, or having little free time to train!

In addition to the 100+ Hours Of Coaching And Workout Sessions, you’ll also get these additional bonuses…​


And Nutritional Coaching

Get coaching emails, packed full of actionable tips, ideas, hacks and help to accelerate your results-every single day. These emails provide the personal touch needed to transform fitness from ‘chore’ to ‘lifestyle’.

We also provide tailored nutritional help so anyone, no matter their experience, can accelerate their changes with clean eating that’s easy to prepare and tastes great!.


A Thriving
Online Community

Become part of a tribe of an active online group where people all around the world support each other in their fitness journey! Experts are there and post their insights and experience so anyone can get help in real time— even during training plateaus— and join monthly challenges to reach new levels of fitness that you never dreamed possible! 


Monthly Challenges

To make membership exciting we post a new challenge every month! Members can either take part publicly or follow along privately. Members who join the challenge get the chance to win all kinds of cool swag, trips to Miami, and even cash prizes!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not sure this is right for you? We get it. That’s why we are giving away a month’s membership— absolutely free! Simply sign up by clicking the red button below. If you find membership isn’t right for you, no problem! Just let us now and we’ll make sure you aren’t charged when the next month rolls around!


Get Access To The Express Workouts Vault

FINALLY Get A FULL Workout In JUST 5-10 Minutes!

The biggest hurdle to getting and staying healthy is TIME. That’s why we’ve included insider access to our ‘Express Workouts Vault’ as a super bonus! To claim access, sign up today! These ‘Express Workouts’ are short-burst sessions that can be done multiple times throughout the day to immediately start seeing visual results within just weeks— even if there isn’t enough time to get to the gym!

All you have to do is claim your free 30-day trial today and we’ll include instant access to everything, no matter where you are!

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