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Kimberlee Dupraw

I’m Kimberlee.  I’m from Michigan.  I have seven children.  I am now 54 years old and I’ve lived a lot of life and it hasn’t always been this good place that I finally have.  For at least 50 of those years, besides just being bigger in size, I had a lot of family things happen.   There was a divorce, my first husband took his own life, and I felt like, wasn’t I worth him staying around?  That wasn’t what was happening, but I felt so alone and like I wasn’t worth these people who kept leaving me.  I’ve just felt so down.  I didn’t feel worth it for myself, ’cause I was in such a bad place, but for my children, I would do anything for my children.  I thought, I have to do something, I can’t just wither away.  Within two weeks from that moment, I was on Facebook, and this ad came up for Figure 8, I was looking at the people dancing, and it was like this light bulb moment.  This is a movement I could do with joy.  I signed up for all of it and I’m so happy!

I love Figure 8.  If you think of the number 8 and all of its curves, there’s so many parts of that.  There’s the movement of Figure 8 that moves the hips, it’s flowing, it’s elegant, it’s beautiful.  It chisels these muscles in just the right places that make it shapely and beautiful.  I always thought I had this heritage of being a straight, thick body and I didn’t think it was possible, but, as I began doing the motions and all of the movements, I began seeing that I was getting chiseled little by little.  People comment, “Look at your little thin waist!”, I never thought I could have a thin waist, and I have a waist!

With Body FX, I have gone from a women’s size 22 down to a size 4!  I get these comments all the time, “What’s happened in your life? “You’re glowing! You’re radiant! “You’re so happy now!” And it’s not just my body, my body changed, oh yes, but, my happiness, I see things, I see beauty everywhere I look, and this is incredible.  I see beauty in myself.  This surprises me, because all my life, I didn’t think I was pretty.  I didn’t think I had beauty.  I would tell myself all these bad things, and now, I feel beautiful, I feel like I can radiate, I feel energy, I feel happy, I feel life!  I want to give, I want to share, I want to express joy, of all these beautiful things around me.  It’s amazing to me, because it’s so different, it’s just so different.  I keep thinking, who am I? Who am I?

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