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Nicky Fletcher

Hi, I’m Nicki from South Carolina.  I’m a Director of Human Resources and I’m the proud mom of a great 20-year-old son.  The moment for me, the aha moment, was when I lost my immediate family.  I lost my Mom in 2013, I lost my Dad and brother within 9 days of each other. Those moments made me realize how precious life is and how short life is, and I was too unhealthy.  I was tired all the time, I had no energy, and just felt like I couldn’t do things.  I was out of breath, couldn’t walk far distances, I was not gonna live a long life in the condition that I was in, and that was my aha moment.  I wanted to be around for my son and my husband because they deserve a mom and a wife in their lives.

Body FX changed my life!  Like it’s the best thing I’ve ever joined.  I’m healthier, I’m fitter, I have muscles that I never had before.  I’ve been able to stop my cholesterol medication. I went to the doctor and we tested the numbers and they were within the low end of the normal range.  So, we are no longer taking cholesterol medication, that’s phenomenal!

I found Body FX through Facebook and I saw those beautiful women dancing and having fun and smiling and the energy, and I said, “there’s no way.”  This woman has no grace, like I trip over air.  I can’t walk down the street without stumbling.  For about two weeks I just kept watching and watching, and then I’m like, I’m going for it!  Forget grace, I can do this; and I did it!

I can honestly say that I have always been in double digits and plus size clothing for at least 30 of my 44 years, and today I can say I have wiggled, and sweat and danced away 35 pounds and 51.5 inches.  That is like a whole ‘nother world.  People in my life totally have seen a change.  When I started Body FX, I was an HR manager at a call center, and the first time I came in with my little pencil skirt that showed my waist, I had so many comments that day.  They’re like “Oh, you look so amazing!”  I have people all the time asking me “What are you doing?” and I can’t help but tell them it’s all about Body FX. I’m happy, I’m so happy!  I am beyond the moon happy!

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