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Pam Urban

Hi, I’m Pam from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m a stay at home mom of 4 kids.  Before Body FX, my life revolved around my kids and my family.  Trying to take care of my husband and my kids, that was my dream job, but I couldn’t figure out how to fit myself into that job, and when things really culminated, it was our 20th wedding anniversary trip to Kauai.  I was struggling so much with what I had become, and I went for two weeks to Kauai and not once wore a swimsuit.  It isn’t always just about the size of your body, yes that influences things, but I’ve found that I struggled with some depression.  I was struggling to find that thing inside you that makes you wanna get up in the morning.  That summer, stepping on the scale, and finding out I was 213 pounds, I just wanted to cry.  I didn’t think there was any choice.  I just didn’t have hope.

That summer, everything changed.  I saw this little ad on Facebook, and it was an ad for Figure 8 fitness, for dancing, and I thought, I used to love dancing.  When I was younger, I loved going to nightclubs, I loved dancing, it was so much fun.  Maybe if I could just find something that was dancing, that I could love, I could do it the rest of my life.

With Body FX, I lost 16 inches around my waist alone.  It wasn’t even that hard, like, it was dancing the length of a TV show a day.  You can change everything.  It gives you the power to do that.  It’s so exciting, I feel like Cinderella.  I feel like Jaana’s my magical fairy godmother and her program has just twirled me into Cinderella.

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