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Sharon Taylor

Hi, my name is Sharon, I’m from South Carolina. I’m 62 years old, I’m a grandma of three little boys, Jaden, Jordan and Keenan, and I’m retired from the Internal Revenue Service after a 37-year career.

Before Body FX, I was 80 pounds heavier.  I believe I’ve been obese for about 50 years, high blood pressure that ran in my family and hardly able to walk up the steps.  Not being able to do things with my grandkids, those boys are rambunctious, and I can’t because of the weight.  One of the biggest aha moments to make a change was one of my trips, I was stuck in the middle isle and 80 pounds heavier.  I was noticing I was having a hard time putting a seatbelt on.  I’m like, I gotta do something because I know I’m gonna be too embarrassed to ask the flight attendant for that extender.

I found Body FX scrolling on Facebook, and I said, oh, this is dancing. I could do this.  They say, you don’t have to get on the floor.  I didn’t wanna get on the floor, because it’s just too hard to get up, my knees, I can’t kneel on the floor, it’s just too hard.  So, I said, I’m gonna try this.  Made it a New Year’s resolution, and I said okay, I’m gonna do me, because I was gonna turn 60 that year and I wanted to prepare myself for my 60th birthday.  Three months later, by my birthday, I had lost 50 pounds!

I created a she-cave in my bedroom, and I have my own little party in there.  I think I’m at a party with Jaana and the girls, and I feel good when I do it. It gives me a lot of energy.  When I come out sweating, my husband looks at me like what are you in there doin’?  But, no, it’s not hard work, it’s actually fun.

With Body FX, I literally lost 80 pounds.  I went from basically a 22 dress to a size 10 dress.  I see a waist that I never had; I’ve never seen an indention in the waist.  The way I fit in my clothes; it just gives me a really really big smile.  I’m amazed at how I fit my clothes.  My biggest non-scale victory was when I sat down on the airplane seat again, put the seatbelt on and I pulled it and I was like, wow!  And right then and there, I took a picture of how much room I had on the belt and I posted it on social media, and it was amazing.  It still amazes me!

Even if you have a knee issue as I did, you still can do the workout some sort of way.  I’ve done this myself, so anybody can do it, you can do it at a slower pace.

I’m 62 years old, women my age, we have to keep moving and this is the easiest way, just Latin dancing, to keep movin’.  I’m just amazed at myself and so glad I made the decision to take my life in my own hands and so glad that this program came across my news feed, and that I took a chance on it.  I really feel great.  I feel lighter, I’m flexible, I’m friendlier, I’m happy, I’m really happy!

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