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Hi, I’m Tina from India.  I have lost 40 pounds and 62 inches.  I was a sad woman before Body FX happened.  I lost my brother, I remember I was so depressed, I was feeling so low and I could not share my inner feelings with anybody.  Weight loss had been a true struggle for me.  I had bad knees, frozen shoulders, and I would get pain attacks as well.  I was just rotting inside.

When Body FX happened, I remember that night exactly.  I’m scrolling, looking to buy Spanx because I have a huge tummy, and this is not fitting me. Then I see Jaana, sexy Jaana, it was love at first sight.  My results were so quick, happening so fast and I think I reached my goal weight within 4 months and lost 10 inches.

I’ve had a C-section, so first I was skeptical, but my answer to that is keep on pressing play. It will happen, and look at me, I have abs!

My greatest non-scale victory was when I stopped getting these pains, because I had been suffering for so many years.  Right away I joined a challenge. I started with the basic, and within a week, I lost about 9 lbs., just by doing the warmup and 2 cool down sessions.

Body FX is therapy for people. So, it was a challenge for me to break out of my outer shell, and you know how a child plays with building blocks?  Well Body FX has actually helped me build myself. Thank you, Body FX!

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