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At Home Dance Workout: The Ultimate Guide

With headlines like “sitting is the new smoking” and an ever-increasing emphasis on living a healthier lifestyle, many people are looking to incorporate more activity into their daily routines. For some, the idea of heading to a gym can be intimidating, especially if it has been a long time since you’ve worked out or you’re nervous about exercising in front of other people. Others may prefer to exercise outside but not have a safe space to do so. That’s where an at home dance workout comes in so handy. You can get a great workout, burn calories, and start feeling great, all in the comfort of your own home. If you’re ready to get started, we’ve got the ultimate guide in at home dance workouts ready to get you moving and grooving. 

Choosing a Video

To the uninitiated, getting started with an at home dance workout might seem as simple as finding a video that looks interesting and pressing play. While choosing a body workout video doesn’t have to be complicated, you’ll set yourself up for success if you take a few factors into consideration when choosing your dance fitness workout video. 

  • Goals: First, think about what you want to achieve with your workout. Are you trying to achieve weight loss, toning and sculpting your muscles, or increase your cardio health? If so, you’ll want to target cardio dance workouts that are done at a faster pace, like hip-hop, Figure 8 or Zumba. If you’re more interested in increasing your range of motion, look for videos that incorporate a variety of dance styles so that you’ll be moving your body in all different directions.
  • Fitness level: Don’t forget to consider your current fitness level when choosing an at home dance workout video. The most important part of any workout routine is staying consistent, so it’s critical that you choose a video that starts at the level that you currently are, not where you hope to be in the future. Doing too much too soon can cause injury or burnout, so keep your eyes out for videos that cater to beginners and offer modifications for different movements that might be outside of your current wheelhouse. 
  • Favorite music: One of the best things about working out at home is that you’re in total control of everything – which routine you do, what time you work out, and of course, what type of music you’re listening to! Choose a style of dance that matches up with your favorite kind of music, whether you love country music and try line dancing or want to want to samba along to some reggaeton. There are tons of great options, and you can also pick an at home workout that features lots of different types of music, like Figure8.
  • Injuries and limitations: Many people have old injuries or physical limitations that may influence the types of movement that they can do. If this applies to you, look for videos that feature modifications for certain movements, especially upper and lower body, so that you can follow along with the choreography without injuring yourself.

Getting the Essentials

One of the best things about at home dance cardio workouts is that it doesn’t take much in the way of equipment to do them. In fact, you can pretty much press play and get going right where you are! With that said, there are a few things that will make your workouts a little more comfortable.

  • Comfy clothes: You’ll be stretching, twerking, moving and grooving all over the room, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes that you have a full range of motion in. You’ll probably work up a good sweat, so moisture-wicking clothing is even better if you have it at your disposal. Leg warmers and headbands are optional!
  • Non-slip shoes: Ballerinas and tap dancers might require special shoes, but you don’t! The main requirement for your home dance workout footwear is that it be non-slip and comfortable. Make sure whatever you’re wearing won’t cause blisters and offers good support!
  • A streaming device: Whether you’re hooking up the old DVD player or streaming your workout online through your laptop, you’ll need a way to watch your workout. Get the technology figured out ahead of time so that all you need to do is press play when it’s time to work out!
  • Water: Dancing might be fun, but it’s still a workout, so make sure you have a water bottle nearby and take regular water breaks.
  • Plenty of space: No matter what style you choose, any at home dance workout is going to have you spreading out your dance moves across your space. Don’t be afraid to push some furniture out of the way – consider it your warmup!

Maximizing Your Results

Everyone wants to maximize the results from their fitness routine, regardless of whether they choose to work out in a gym, at home, or outdoors. There are a few tips to keep in mind in order to get the best possible results from your at home dance routine workout.

  1. Focus on food: You’ll likely be burning a ton of calories while you dance up a storm, but that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and expect to achieve the abs of your dreams. In fact,  as the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” so focusing on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet should be a major component of your fitness plan. If you need to shed some extra weight, try calorie counting with a program like Noom or a free app like My Fitness Pal, which will give you a recommendation on how much to eat each day based on your height, weight, age, gender, and activity level. Remember, it’s easy (and super common) to overestimate the number of calories you’re burning from your workout and underestimate how much you’re eating, so a little accountability goes a long way. 
  2. Be consistent: You know what the best workout is? The one you’re willing to do consistently. That’s what makes at home dance workouts like the fitness videos offered by BodyFx such an excellent tool: they remove the barriers to fitness that leave many of us making excuses. You don’t need to work out for an hour every day in order to make an impact, either. The American Heart Association recommends getting in 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, which is five 30-minute moderate sessions or five 15-minute vigorous sessions. You’ve got this!
  3. Do the little things: Getting the most out of your workouts isn’t just about watching what you eat and getting your sweat on, it’s also about making the smaller smart choices throughout the day that add up to success and build healthy habits. For example, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day (aim for at least 64 ounces, plus extra during your workout) so that you’ll feel fuller longer and help boost your metabolism. It’s also extremely important that you get enough sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep are shown to make worse dietary choices throughout the day, experience more hunger, and have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in their systems, which can lead to weight gain. Since you’re starting a new workout routine, you might need even more sleep than usual, so make sure you’re giving your body what it needs! Remember, you don’t have to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight to be successful. Just focus on incorporating one small change per week and watch your healthy habits pile up before  you know it!