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Five Principles to a Successful Home Workout Program

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are looking to try a home workout program. Whether you’re a loyal gym rat who never skipped a day at your local gym or fitness studio or you weren’t working out much before and decided to make the most of your quarantine, transitioning to a successful total-body home workout program is at the top of everyone’s minds these days. We all have a friend who started out strong doing dance videos at home only to quit when work got busy, but on the other hand, many of us know people who are dedicated to their fitness routines day in and day out, no matter what life throws at them. What does it take to build a successful home workout program and routine? These five principles are a part of any successful program.

#1 Consistency

How many of us have excitedly pressed play on a new yoga video for a few weeks in a row, only to eventually skip a workout and then eventually let your routine go? The reality is that life happens and plans change, but the best way to get results from a home workout program is to stay consistent. That doesn’t mean workout out every single day or even five days a week, depending on your goals; it simply means setting a schedule and doing your best to stick by it. Planning out your exercises will also help reduce the decision fatigue you experience at the end of a long day or early in the morning before work when you’re trying to fit in a workout. You might see results quickly, but more likely, you’ll need to stick with your routine in order to see the physical changes you’re hoping for. Set a plan you can live with and schedule the best home workout ever in your calendar like you would any other important appointment.

#2 Creativity

Regardless of what your plans are for your home workout program, try to get a little bit creative with your workout routine. If you’ve got a treadmill currently collecting dust in your spare bedroom, you can add walking breaks throughout the day, or go for a run on some days and press play on your favorite dance video from Figure8 the next to get both your lower body and upper body for a full-body workout. If you love workout videos, then consider joining an online fitness community where you’ll have access to hundreds of different exercise program videos. Even if you really love dancing and only do bodyweight exercise, you might be inspired to try another type of workout once in a while to mix things up. Not only does getting creative with your workouts help keep you from seeing them as a chore, it also will help you get better results. Keeping your body guessing by mixing up your workouts and engaging lots of different muscle groups including glutes, in different ways will constantly challenge you and help your body transform by toning and build muscle.

#3 Support

One of the best things about belonging to a boutique fitness studio, having a gym membership, or joining a running group is the feeling of camaraderie that you find with your fellow fitness fanatics. That support (and the FOMO you have if everyone else goes to the workout and you don’t) is one of the things that can help you stick with a fitness routine long term, and until recently, it’s been missing from home workouts. Let’s face it: for many years, working out alone at home has been a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be. Online fitness communities or fitness apps like Body FX offer private groups and a dedicated community full of people that are all equally invested in meeting their fitness goals. They may not be doing the workout right next to you, but you’ll feel the love and support from all around the world as you make new friends and find your fitness tribe.

#4 Accountability

One of the many reasons that people join gyms, hire personal trainers, or attend expensive boutique fitness studios is the accountability that these things offer for your workout plan. First, you have the financial accountability that comes with paying for a membership. If you’re not using it, you feel guilty, so you drag yourself to the gym to get your money’s worth. After all, we all know how difficult it is to break those contracts! On the other hand, a personal trainer or a fitness instructor offers a type of personal accountability when you develop a relationship and they become invested in your success. For years, the accountability component of home workout programs has been missing. There’s no one to check and see if you’re actually working out in your living room at 6 AM, and lifting a set of dumbbells or kettlebells for strength training in your garage doesn’t cost anything. Once again, this is where online fitness communities are helpful. Not only do these communities offer personalized fitness and nutrition coaching, but they also require a membership. That’s a good thing because it means that you can find the “push” you get from the gym or a personal trainer all from the comfort of your own home workout plan.

#5 Goals

What’s a workout program without goals? Remember, these don’t have to be based on things like your weight or your pants size. If you want to lose body weight, that’s fantastic! Maybe instead you want to be able to dance for an entire song without stopping so that you can dance with your kids or at a wedding. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve with your home workout program for weight loss, it helps to have a big picture in mind about what you want to accomplish and what you hope your life will be like when you do. Then, set smaller goals along the way that will help you get there. If you want to lose 20 pounds, set 5 pound goals with a reasonable timeframe to keep you motivated. If you want to be able to run a mile without stopping, look for a running and walking plan that will gradually increase your running over the course of several months. Remember to relish in each accomplishment along the way and celebrate your success!