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How is the Lumbar Bridge accessory used on the WonderBack Pro?

The Lumbar Bridge is a state-of- the-art transportable modality exclusively designed to fit on top of your WonderBack Pro. As an extremely popular and beneficial attachment, the Lumbar Bridge can be used solo or in combination with your WonderBack® Pro. Anatomically designed and comfortably padded, this spinal arch cushion assists in relieving stress to your entire back while assisting in flexibility of muscles and joints. Simply lay on top of the Lumbar Bridge and you will immediately experience deep-stretching tension-relieving benefits.  To increase its deep-stretching benefits, simply position the Lumbar Bridge over the Massage Roller on your WonderBack® Pro then push and/or pull on the Arm Bars to enable you to experience an incredibly dynamic deep-stretching arcing motion that benefits your entire back and spine. This product feels absolutely terrific, and as a MUST HAVE accessory for your WonderBack® Pro, the Lumbar Bridge is demonstrated on the Instructional DVD that comes with every product.

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