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How can we help you today?

Using your WonderBack Pro

Using your WonderBack® Pro is extremely simple. Other than referring to Page 6 in your User Manual, and the detailed video instructions hosted on the Instructional DVD, here is a brief description…

Simply position your WonderBack® Pro underneath the area of your spinal column or back you wish to address then carefully lay your body onto the Foam Roller. You will instantly feel a relieving decompression in that area well before you even engage the unit.

Once in place, grasp ahold of the Armbars’ striped Handgrips and simply PUSH to action the dynamic arcing motion of the Foam Roller. In addition to its arcing path, the  Foam Roller rises off the floor while concurrently pushing deeper into your back and spine.

To change directions, simply PULL on the Armbars and you will massage your back into the opposite direction, leaving no area untouched.

To advance the application, simply combine PUSHING and PULLING of the Armbars to fully activate the patent-pending ‘Dual-Directional Massaging Motion,’ creating a sensational  deep-tissue, back relieving action, all the while you have complete control of the location, depth or pressure of the massage, and duration –  it is simply amazing!

As you continue to use your WonderBack® Pro, you will find dozens of other motions that address all areas of your spine; from your neck to your pelvis, while dozens more address your legs, calves, and feet.

I want to thank you for confiding in my technology to help you put the Wonder into you back!

Best of Health,

John Abdo

Creator, WonderBack® Pro

– – – – –


This product, it’s attachments, accessories, and instructions (Product), have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical or therapeutic ailment, injury or condition, and should not be construed as a medical device. Before attempting to use this Product please consult a licensed medical professional.

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