Body FX Weight Loss

During the next 28 days you will unlock your best, strongest self.

You are going to lose weight on this program and you are also going to gain muscle tone.  However, this is about far more than just weight loss and how your body will look on this outside. This is about radical self-empowerment.

When you’re strong, healthy and fit in both mind and body—anything you want in life becomes easier to achieve. “I CAN” and “I WILL” is about to become your new mantra.

Here's what you get when you register
for the Body FX Challenge:

01 Habit-Based Email Coaching


Email Coaching

Every day you’ll receive an email that will teach you how to build healthy, sustainable habits and create the lifestyle that supports your goals. You’ll learn the importance of eating real food, how to structure your meals, strategies for meal planning and preparation, daily workouts, fitness tips and how to become the champion of your own life.


Access to our Private Body FX Transformation Club

02Access to our Private Body FX Transformation Club

All online participants will gain access to our private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants, share your successes, and ask our Body FX team any questions you may have. Our goal is to create an online community of education and support that you would experience just as if you were a local member at one of our Body FX locations.


Opportunities to Win Weekly Prizes!

03 Opportunities to Win Weekly Prizes!

As an incentive to keep you motivated and accountable throughout the challenge, we’ll be giving away weekly prizes to our participants— PLUS, at the end of the 28-day challenge, the biggest losers will win cash prizes!

Financial incentives provide additional benefits that are critical to your success. Our cash-based challenges are powerful tools that help you commit to a specific starting point, and avoid quitting before you’ve accomplished your goals.

Check out some of out past winners….


Opportunity to win a trip to Miami, Florida!

04 Opportunity to win a trip to Miami, Florida!

Beyond the weekly prizes, anyone who participates in our Body FX Challenge and achieves noticeable results will have a chance to win a trip to Miami. This price includes airfare, 3 nights in a beautiful Miami vacation house, plus a day with Jaana Kunitz, the creative director at Body FX. Sounds exciting right? Let’s get started! The next challenge begins on the 1st. Don’t get left behind! 

When you register for the Online Body FX Challenge today, you’ll not only be able to join all monthly challenges, but you will also get access to our 100+ video training library. You can access this huge library of workouts with only a wifi connection and your device.  Subscriptions to our membership start for as low as $7 per month. Register today and secure your spot— the upcoming challenge will fill up fast. Registration ends on the 5th day of each month for entry to that month.

If you choose not to complete with your peers, no problem. You can still enroll and get all the benefits from our email coaching, daily nutrition guide and exercise plan. This option will be a more relaxed approach to the challenge. You will still get the guidance, support, and motivation every step of your journey. Plus you will be able to connect with our Body FX Transformation Club—our closed Facebook group— and stay accountable and motivated alongside our almost 100K like-minded members.


- Jaana Kunitz
Let’s get started.

Let’s get you looking and feeling the best​
you ever have.

Let’s get you
looking and feeling the best​
you ever have.

Let us show you how to create long-term results that last for a lifetime.

Your challenge begins now.

To get started, please fill out the form!

– Team Body FX


You will receive daily email coaching from Jaana Kunitz—fitness instructor, creator of the Figure 8 workout program and the creative director at Body FX. Her emails are very educational, motivational and entertaining so you stay on track every single day until you hit the finish line.

Learn more about Jaana:

Yes, you can jump in and join the challenge right away! Jaana will help you build a strong foundation that’ll support your weight loss and fitness goals. You will learn how to modify your exercises, start eating clean and, most importantly, learn how to become the champion of your own life. Everything is explained in the emails. Just follow Jaana’s lead and enjoy the ride!

The email coaching and entry into the challenges are FREE to paid Body FX members. Plans for membership start for as little as $7 per month with the first 30 days completely FREE!

All of the challenge materials programs, ebooks and community support are online. So there are no reasons to fail, only all of the resources to succeed!

7 days before the challenge begins, you will get a personal video invitation from Jaana where she explains all of the details for the upcoming challenge.

5 days before the challenge begins, you will receive your first grocery list via email so that you have time to go grocery shopping and get the necessary food items for the upcoming week.

If you decide to work toward winning the cash prize, you will need to take your starting photos and measurements and send them to us. You’ll receive instructions on how to do that via email.

After you complete the Body FX Challenge, you will be ready to take your ‘after’ photos and send them to us. We will email you instructions on how to do this. Then, 5 days after the end of the challenge,  we will announce the top 3 winners!

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